The final event in the Melbourne Cup Racing festivities, Stakes Day is the perfect family outing for all to enjoy. With no strict dress code regulations, the options are endless when it comes to putting together a head-to-toe perfect outfit, fit for racing royalty. (That’s you, by the way.)

While the Spring Carnival can technically see the same dresses and outfits on rapid rotation, as Stakes Day is the final affair, it calls for something bigger and better than anything you’ve worn before.

Go out with a bang: take a look through some of our Stakes Day outfit ideas for a perfectly polished look.

Old School Glamour

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There’s something to be said for old school glamour. The ankle sweeping hemlines and fuller skirts are making a comeback in the fashion scene, and it’s a wonder they haven’t done so earlier.

Styles like such suit hourglasses figures best, yet are perfect for those with minimal curves as well as it creates a flattering shape. Look for a style that cinches in tightly at the waist, then balloons out in a bell shape silhouette.Think anything Dior circa 1950 for more inspirational ideas. Pair it back with 50s style curls, fine accessories and a pair of simple pumps. (Thick heels are always better for the races)

stakes day

Keep the hemline modest so the top can play itself up with some cheeky cutouts: low scooping necklines or backless detailing. Finish it off with a simple fascinator (floral headbands and crown-like headbands are very on-trend right now) block heeled mules and a simple shoulder handbag, leaving the dress to do all the talking.

Modern Lace Detailing

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Lace has become the of-the-moment fabric, and rightfully so. The extra detailing that can be done to lace today with high-tech laser cutting has seen the entire lace world revolutionised.

The trick to styling a lace outfit properly is ensuring there isn’t too much of a peek-a-boo party happening throughout. Look for a style that is properly lined – to mid thigh, at least – and made from a high end lace.


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Finish the outfit off with a fancy fascinator – the bigger the better – a pair of simple pumps, and an over the shoulder bag in a contrasting block colour. There’s nothing like a perfectly planned outfit, so make sure you put the time and effort in to working out every aspect of your outfit, so come race day, there aren’t any last minute panic attacks.

Pants Suit: Not Just For The Guys

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At Stakes Day, pants aren’t just for the guys! After all, anything they can wear, we can wear better. With this in mind, take a peek at some of our jumpsuits and playsuits, then take a walk down “comfort lane” and sport something of the sort for the final addition to Melbourne Cup Racing.

Consider Stakes Day the perfect time to test something out you wouldn’t normally wear. Here, pants suits are totally suitable, and look perfect when side-by-side with a top hat and tie.

stakes day 

Look for a style with longer pants – no one wants unwanted wardrobe malfunctions to occur. Our top tip is to opt for something that’s crisp, sharp with serious attention to detail. Cutouts, lace detailing and perfect tailoring will have everyone lining up to ask you where you got your outfit from.

Pair it with a smart, simple fascinator for an overall polished look. Match the tailored pants with a pair of simple pumps, then throw all your essentials in a cute little box clutch to finish it all off.



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