Shoes, shoes, shoes … chanted every women of the free world. Where would we be without fabulous shoes? A great pair of shoes have the ability to take an average outfit from zero to hero in a matter of minutes.


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Traditionally bags and jewellery are known for offering the ultimate complement to an outfit, however it goes without saying that the reigning champ of all accessories has to be the glorious shoe. Shoes play a pivotal part in every girl’s wardrobe and will undoubtedly add a truly flawless finish to your outfit.

As we settle into the spring season, jumpsuits are set to take centre stage as they offer the perfect balance for inter-season wear. However finding the perfect shoe to complement your jumpsuit, playsuit or even your romper can be a little challenging. It’s important to consider the proposition and hem length when selecting a shoe style for your ‘Pantsuit’.

Weather it’s a pair of sky high stilettos teamed with your elegant fitted jumpsuit, jewelled sandals with a relaxed fit playsuit or heeled boots to add to your summer festival romper look, we’ve got you covered! To better understand how to pick the right shoe for your jumpsuit, playsuit or romper you need to first understand the difference in pantsuit types such as the fit, fabric and features of the specific garment. Read below for our top jumpsuit shoe styling tips, it will no doubt inspire your next amazing look!




Long pants, fitted or wide leg.


Long sleeves and short pants.


Short sleeves/straps and short pants.


Suit set consisting of blazer and pants.


Whether it’s a sophisticated evening event or casual daytime function we have the hottest tips for you with our 12 perfect jumpsuit and shoe combinations for your next outing. Read below and be inspired by our hottest styling tips.


  1. Wide Leg

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    Nothing screams glamorous more than an elegant wide leg pant jumpsuit. The long structured form in the pant helps elongate your body making you feel supermodel ready. To keep your leg looking long and elongated opt for a nude patent-leather point heel. To add a little more drama to your look, opt for an on-trend heel embellished with rock studs. Other options include matching your shoes to the colour of your jumpsuit for a flawless finish or if you choose a classic black jumpsuit adding a bold red pump for a fun harmonious pop of colour.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: To create the perfect casual outing look you can pair your beautiful wide leg jumpsuit with a pair of flats. For a relaxed look choose a neutral shade in a matte finish.


  2. Fitted Leg

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    The fitted jumpsuit is great for any occasion and will undoubtedly help you create figure hugging magic at your next special event. The main and most prominent feature of this type of jumpsuit is the fitted ankle, therefore the perfect pair of statement heels is obviously a no brainer. The key thing to remember when selecting a shoe for this style is to avoid any shoes that cover most of your foot. We want to produce a look where we elongate the leg not shorten it, meaning we need to opt for footwear that reveals skin between the shoe and the jumpsuit to create a harmonious balance. There ankle strap will work perfectly with this style of jumpsuit. For an extra touch of glam, opt for a metallic heel complete with jewelled ankle strap.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: Incorporate a pair of sleek studded flats to your look for that perfect day to night style. If you are after a chic weekend casual look opt for a structured sandal, the perfect choice for the warmer months.


  3. Quarter Leg

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    This super cool relaxed look offers you nothing but comfort and bliss, perfect for a casual day shopping or morning coffee catch up with your bestie. When selecting a shoe for this outfit you should consider the colour and length of your jumpsuit. The quarter length wide leg shortens the leg, therefore you need a bold shoe to help balance the overall look. The quarter length pant works really well with a chunky strap sandal. For a flawless finish, match the colour of your chunky strap sandal to the colour of your jumpsuit as this will give you a fashion forward edgy street vibe look.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: This is the perfect look for you!


  4. Short Leg

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    The much loved alternative to the jumpsuit is the humble playsuit or romper, perfect for when you want to show off some leg. Rock a fun free flowing playsuit at your next daytime festival event and you’ll be feeling them coachella vibes all round. One of the most versatile of all ‘suit’ types is the playsuit or romper which allows you to match virtually any shoe style with your super fun mini hemline. It’s all really depended on the type of event you are attending and keeping it occasion appropriate. For the ultimate festival look choose an ankle boot, great for comfort and a rock star edge.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: For a casual lunch date or afternoon barbeque, choose a nude flat. The nude colouring helps create the illusion of height.


  5. Oversized

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    The oversized jumpsuit is undeniably the perfect style to rock when you want to encapsulate cool understated streetwear vibes. Feel like the perfect fashionista in your oversized jumpsuit by adding a fresh pair of super crisp white runners to your look. This easy to put together look will have your feeling fit and fabulous in no time at all. Feel street-ready and stand out from the crowd in a beautiful white runner shoe, great for that everyday casual comfort look.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: This is the perfect look for you!


  6. Denim

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    The always trending denim wear look is made super easy when it comes to the tailored jumpsuit or casual romper/playsuit look. Elevate your denim jumpsuit style with a pair of bold colour pump heels. The contrast in colour helps give this look a fresh youthful edge and gives you the ultimate kid in a candy store vibe. Channel your inner 90’s style with a cool denim jumpsuit and a pair of fun brightly coloured pumps at your next special event. For added drama or to complement the texture of the denim fabric, try a suede finish heel.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: For a super trendy and effortlessly cool look, try an embellished metallic strappy sandal or crisp white runner with this edgy denim look.


  7. Sheer

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    For an elegant evening look you can’t go past a fabulous sheer jumpsuit. Feel peep-a-boo chic in this incredibly versatile style, perfect for an elegant cocktail party or evening dinner party function. To complement your sheer styling, match your lightweight jumpsuit with a pair of gorgeous laced heels. Opt for heels with lace textures and forms to create a sultry evening wear look. Make sure you match up the colour of your jumpsuit to the colour of the shoe for a beautifully flawless finish, try not to mismatch the colours as it may result in a disjointed and odd look.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: Choose a sheer lace or suede ankle lace up flat shoe to complement the delicate nature of your jumpsuit.


  8. Print

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    The perfect all day holiday look, great for strolling the streets and playing the part of the ever so fashionable foreign tourista, the print jumpsuit is bound to thrill and excite. Team up your electrifying jumpsuit style with a pair of comfortable cork sole nude coloured wedges. Elongate your legs with this beautifully sophisticated look, perfect for day to night wear and the ideal companion for this look that will have you feeling confident and comfortable.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: A nude leather sandal is your best bet if you’re after an elegant flat finish to your loud look. Add brightly painted toe nails to complement your colourful look.


  9. Cutouts

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    What better way to complement this sexy cutout jumpsuit look than with a pair of gorgeous block heeled boots. The peep toe finish and chunky block heel complement the cutout features in your jumpsuit and take your modern style to the next level. Get ready to shake you booty in a pair of comfy block heeled cutout boots. Stick to the classics such as nude, tan and black as they all work beautifully with most jumpsuit styles. Add some drama and height with this gorgeous look that easily transfers from day to night.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: A slender strap sandal is a great option for this look. For that laid back holiday look opt for a tan coloured sandal.


  10. Embellished

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    To complete your OTT Embellished jumpsuit look you can’t go past a pair of beautifully delicate suede lace up heels. Selecting a pointed-toe with a high rise heel will help you create an elongated leg and make you feel super glamorous. Feel supported around the ankle with crisscross strap details that will complement the embellished detailing of the jumpsuit beautifully. Feel like the leading lady at your next special evening event with a pair of gorgeous wrapped stiletto heels. For a flawless finish, match the tone of your dress to your shoe.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: Go all out and dazzle with a bejewelled sandal shoe. Try matching your embellishment to your shoe for that extra opulent look.


  11. The Pantsuit

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    Aaaa the Pantsuit, more like the Power Suit gives us mega boss girl vibes every time.

    Dominate this season with a pair of suede caged heels, perfect for that ‘run the world’ look.

    The crisscross suede strap climb from the peep toe works especially well with the conservative nature of the two piece suit ensemble. When picking a colour the key is to choose a contrasting colour to your suit to help ease the harshness of this look, hence making it more playful and edgy rather than corporate and dull.

    IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: A simple patent-leather point flat is the perfect way to add an element of class and sophistication while still retaining the edginess of this super girl look.


  12. Ruffled Leg

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Channel your inner 70’s style with a ruffled flounce cropped leg jumpsuit or romper this spring/summer season. The wide leg detailing offers a fun and flirty casual style that is perfect for  almost all body types. Team your flounce ruffle leg detailing with a chunky ankle strapped sandal heel. This shoe style features an open toe and single strap across the ankle making it the perfect choice for a simple cocktail-ready look. Comfortable for day to night wear these shoes are great dressed up or down. Opt for a nude/natural colour to help lengthen your legs.

IF YOU’RE A FLATS PERSON: The flat strap sandal is your best friend. Opt for a tanned leather crisscross ankle strapped shoe as the perfect complement.  


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So you see, styling your favourite jumpsuit, playsuit, romper or even pant suit is even easier than you thought. Follow our guide and you’ll be complete from head to toe. For more tips on how to style your jumpsuit read our What shoes to wear with jumpsuits blog post.




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