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It’s that time of year again! The leading fashion labels are out flaunting their new designs on the runway in the most creative ways.

Chanel presented their new collection in an airport environment, Dior created a flower dome in the heart of the Louvre and Rick Owens took runway walking to the extremes by strapping people to one another!

Fashion week is a time filled with glamorous outfits, celebrity spotting, opinions, selfies, creativity and a little bit of chaos. Choosing the right outfit can be a real struggle, so here are some tips to make your lives a little easier:

Make a statement

Having a statement classic red lip always helps me feel more confident and stylish. (For the perfect red lip, try matching it with a lip pencil). If you’re not much of a red person, go for a nice nude tone.

kendall jenner fashion week what to wear red dress
Image Source: Footwear News

Step outside the box

Experiment! This could mean wearing a colour, pattern or texture you wouldn’t normally wear. Experiment with your style, mix it up and flaunt it with confidence.

street fashion week what to wear dresses outside the box
Image Source: The Cut & Paste

Less is more

I know fashion week is an exciting time, but try not going too overboard with accessories. When trying to spice up your outfit, remember less is always more. It’s the finer details that count. Try choosing a unique piece that complements your entire outfit.

selina gomez what to wear for fashion week dresses
Image Source: Elle

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