Society is image obsessed. It’s pretty standard these days to own some sort of camera – even if it’s on the back of your phone! One of the top social media platforms for sharing images is without doubt, Instagram.

Ever wondered how those 100k Instagrammers take awesome photos? Here are some of our tips and tricks to taking “Instagram-Worthy” photos:

Tell a Story
 Is the purpose of your Instagram feed to showcase your favourite fashion, foods or is it just a fun place to display social content? Everyone has a story to tell! Take inspiration from others but define your own aesthetics and personality. What do you want your Instagram feed to say about who you are?

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Natural Lighting
Natural lighting is the best type of lighting! Try to avoid shooting in harsh, direct sunlight that creates unwanted shadows. Find a place in the shade to help create those perfect photos. If you have an evening event, be prepared and try getting pre-photos before it turns dark.

Instagram-Worthy Tips Photos 02

Body Shots
Showcasing a whole outfit looks great when it’s on a body. This is where you can get a friend involved and have some fun! Do lots of posing and take lots of photos so you have a good variety to choose from. Incorporate fun movements to show excitement and details in your outfit. To avoid blurry shots, tap on your mobile screen to anchor the areas of the image that you want in focus.

Instagram-Worthy Tips Image 04

Location Scouting
Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous! Keep eye out for locations around your local area. Look for textures and colours. Even something as simple as that white brick wall of your local café can create a minimal look for body or product shots.

Instagram-Worthy Tips Photo 03

It’s always best to keep your photo editing to a minimum. Try to avoid Instagram filters and edit your images from your phone with apps like Afterlight or Snap Seed. To keep your instagram feed looking clean and tidy, stay consistent with posting in a regular frame dimension. (e.g: posting all your photos in a square frame.)

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