Our beautiful customer Eloise shares with us how GlamCorner helped her find this perfect Alice McCall Better Be Good to Me white playsuit for her friend’s 18th birthday in Sydney. Finding the right 18th birthday dress is so important because 18th birthday’s are always such a huge milestone in Australia and are so much fun! You’re a young adult now, so you might as well start dressing and acting like one.. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bring the same playful, cavalier attitude from your teenage years into your new-found young-adult fashion sense!


Birthday girl


Tell us about the special occasion you had and why you wanted to wear a designer dress for it?

The occasion was my best friend’s 18th birthday, which she had an ‘all white’ party for. The whole night was pretty special and all the girls had plans to dress up a lot. I was so overwhelmed looking for expensive designer dresses and I wanted to look as perfect as I imagined all my beautiful friends would be. So when I found GlamCorner and all the white garments I was thrilled!


What was it about this occasion that made renting a dress so appealing for you?

With all my friends dressing up, and it being the first 18th out of all of the group we all knew it would be special and a significant occasion. So I knew I had to buy a good quality, and most likely expensive, dress. After searching on instagram I came across dress renting sites and realised the benefits of renting – which is the affordable price of very very nice dresses.


All white 18th birthday dress party


Tell us about the dress and the designer label you chose, and why you chose it?

The garment I rented was a playsuit from Alice Mccall that had the most detailed lace and was just an outstanding sort of playsuit that’s so different to what you normally see. I usually find that Alice McCall’s items are distinctly different and innovative and I’ve loved her designs for a while. The fact that it was white and also a shorter item than most other dresses suited my event – it all worked so well!


Have you rented a dress before or was this your first time? For your first time renting a dress, what made you consider it?

Nope, this was my first time. Before this party came up I hadn’t really considered renting a dress, but with the panic and pressure of looking good I started looking around at renting sites. When a friend told me they had rented something off a site that convinced me further, so when I eventually found GlamCorner I was totally on board for renting a dress.


All in white


Tell us about how you first discovered GlamCorner?

While on instagram, a pair of bloggers I follow called Twiceblessed posted an image where one of them wore the Alice Mccall Playsuit that I loved, so I followed up her tag which was GlamCorner and ended up on GC’s site! The fact that the bloggers had rented off the site appealed to me as obviously people had rented off it before, and it had gone well.


How was your overall experience with GC (online and offline) and would you recommend us to other women?

My experience was so great, I could hardly ask for it to be better. The website itself is clear and easy to navigate when searching for specific items. The delivery in the box with the labeling of GlamCorner, along with all wrapping and other presentation made the delivery really special and exciting. Also, the returns satchel being already filled out and ready for my returning of the playsuit made things so much easier and stress-free. I’ve already recommended GlamCorner to friends, starting from the night I wore the garment and all of the girls asked were asking me where it was from.


White and gold dresses


Eloise, you really looked so absolutely to-die-for in this gorgeous Alice McCall jumpsuit. It was great to hear about how much you enjoyed your friend’s 18th birthday and we hope the birthday girl had a great time as well! We can’t wait to see you again soon xx


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