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Various nail trends come and go as the seasons roll by, but one thing that remains is the need for perfectly manicured and moisturised hands, cuticles, nail beds and anything that makes you’re ten fingers and toes look as good as the rest of you.

From crazy colours, to metallic sheen – and everything in between, we’ve picked out the hottest 5 DIY nail trends for you to try this Summer. Because we know spending money weekly to get those perfect-look nails may not be in everyones budget, check out our step by step guide to achieving the neatest of neat nail trends, straight from the runway.

Instagram worthy shot, anyone?

Chanel Please

diy nail trends

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We love our Chanel bags, our shoes and definitely our tweed suits, so why not finish it off with a perfect Chanel manicure. Easy as pie, this is definitely on top of our list of ‘must-trys’ for DIY nail trends. Before starting, shape your nails using a file so they are perfectly rounded at the tips. It may seem odd but it will give a better effect once the black polish has been applied.

First, paint the base with a crisp cream/nude toned polish making sure the base is completely even all over. Leave it to dry before adding the finishing touch. Using a dark black polish, swipe straight across the top part of your nail. If you want a crisp line, place some sticky tape across your nail giving you a straight line to follow.

Shimmer Me Happy

diy nail trends

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Because intergalactic hues are dominating the fashion world as of late, why not go all out with some super simple metallic polish for an out of this world look. First things first, make sure your nails are completely clean and ready to go. Next, soak your fingers in warm water for a minute, then push back your cuticles and trim them down making your nail beds super neat and clean.

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Swipe the brush down the middle of your nail first, then fill in the sides. This will give you the best, neatest coverage allowing you to give yourself a salon-look from your bedside table. Leave it to dry then add another coat. Finish it all off with a top coat and you’re done! Our top tip is to opt for a polish with a bit of sheen to it. Now watch as everyones attracted to your bright star-like nails.

Colourfully Coral

diy nail trends

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Simple, sophisticated and super fun, adding a pop of colour (or two) to your finger tips is one of our favourite nail trends this Summer. Easy to do, and perfect for a quick home DIY touch up before heading out this Christmas. The trick to really making this look ‘pop’ is to opt for a neutral toned polish and one bright one. (And a sparkly one, of course!)

Think white and coral, bright blues for fuchsia, or go for a more muted feel with a nude and deep purple. Paint one nail in the neutral tone and three in the colour. Then use the sparkle polish for the other finger to really make the look work. DIY nail trends are easy when you know how. Sparkly nails here we come.


Green With Envy

diy nail trends

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Add a touch of colour – the teeniest, tiniest bit of colour – to make those perfectly manicured nails pop. Keeping it minimal, clean and ever so neat is the hottest of nail trends come this Summer. How to achieve these yourself may seem like rocket science, but believe us when we say it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Perfecting the base is always the first point. Ensure you’re nails, cuticles and nail beds are ready to go. Next, paint a layer of clear nail polish. Let it dry, then go again for a second layer. Ensuring you have a even base will make the next part that much easier. Obtaining that perfect ‘french manicured’ tip is easier than you think and this is how: place your nail on the table then hold the brush over the whites of your nail. Slowly, trace the line of the whites of your nail with the brush from one side to the other, right until the brush hits your skin. Clean off any drops of polish on your finger and, voila! Perfect coloured tips in three easy steps.

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Eye Am Watching You
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Because everyone wanted to be Emily Eye Finger growing up, we’ve got the cutest little nail trends that will have you watching everyone from around the corner with your fingers. You’ll need four different coloured polishes, a chopstick and a skewer. Trust us, these will be your best friends.

Apply the base nude colour first and leave to completely dry – don’t rush this, perfection takes time. Once completely dry, starting from the bottom of your nail, swipe the white polish downwards even painting your finger. Next, using the tip of the chopstick dab a circle of light blue on to the white section. Last, but not least, using the skewer, put a tiny circle of black into the centre of the blue circle. A perfect little watchful eye for you to spy with ????

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