Girls Weekend. Need we say more. If you’re anything like us, you’re feeling the quick blur of the holiday season flash before you and leaving you wondering where it all went. You’re back at the office, back to the grind, and back to the reality that those yummy sleep-ins over the Christmas break may have just well been a dream. You need an escape, and what better way to escape than by grabbing the girls, hopping on a plane and disappearing for a year? *sigh* that sounds good to us too but for now let’s grab the posse and organize the next best thing – a girls weekend!

Girls Weekend at the Beach

Jenner/Kardashian klan stylish girls weekend on a super yacht
Image Source: Elle

It’s still Summer, let’s squeeze out the remaining days of it like a tube of SPF and make for the coast and all things sand and sun and water and olive-skinned life guards we dream of being resuscitated by.

Itsy bitsy bikini – check, luxury yacht.. er, let’s just imagine it. Celebs know how to make a weekend at the beach with their gal pals look like a stylish affair. Those perfectly peachy bee-hinds, cool aviators and not to mention the outfits. How do they do it? We’re much more accustomed to getting sand flicked up in our eyes, hair that looks like we’ve picked up a clump of seaweed after emerging from the water and fashioned it nightmarishly on their heads and ice cream spillage on their skirts. But, we can at least aim to make our own girls weekend a stylish affair by slipping on some of these fab Summer Edit dresses and by all means avoiding dripping sherbet soft serve on them. P.S don’t forget to pack the Polaroid for your own paparazzi-worthy shots (skilfully seductive poses and sitting positions aimed to enhance the derriere are of course up to you)

When it comes to beach styling, look to floaty pieces which can slip right over your swimsuit. Cos let’s face it, we’ll definitely be venturing off the beach for cocktails if there’s a bar nearby.

CAMILLA ‘Courtyard of Maidens Overlay Dress’

Sizes: 10

Rent now – $149

Camilla - Courtyard of Maidens Short Sheer Overlay Dress - FrontCamilla - Courtyard of Maidens Short Sheer Overlay Dress - Front

Inspired by the grandeur of the Kingdom of Granada, this gorgeous blue print Camilla dress is made for Summer escapades down at the beach with the girls and a cocktail in tow.

TALULAH ‘Orchard Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress’

Sizes: 6-12

Rent now – $59

Talulah - Orchard Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress - FrontTalulah - Orchard Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress - Front

There’s something classically sexy about an off-the-shoulder style. This flowy Talulah dress is romantic and dreamy! Take it from beach-side drinks to dinner with the girls and they’ll be complimenting you all evening.

PREMONITION ‘Artisan Dress’

Sizes: 8-14

Rent now – $59

Premonition - Artisan Dress - White - FrontPremonition - Artisan Dress - White - Front

My oh my! What a vision this dress makes! This black and white lattice lace dress by Premonition is a girls weekend must-have! How does that song go? ‘Girls just wanna have fun’? You’ll be having fun and slaying the style stakes in this outfit.

Girls Weekend in the City

Girls weekend city style
Image Source: Fashion to Max

Polished, refined, glam with an edge; that’s what city dressing communicates to us. If we’re going to escape to the city for the weekend then it is an absolute must to channel the most stylish city girl gang known to fashion – Sex & The City’s Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes. Get in character with these Carrie-worthy daytime dresses perfect for window shopping, macchiato’s on the street and stargazing from a skyscraper in stilettos all the while seducing your own Mr (or Ms.) Big.

SHAKUHACHI ‘Lace Borders Midi Dress’

Sizes: 10

Rent now – $89

Shakuhachi - Lace Borders Midi Dress + Tulle Underlay - FrontShakuhachi - Lace Borders Midi Dress + Tulle Underlay - Front

This Shakuhachi midi dress is the perfect trans-seasonal piece. Stylish for brunch and elegant for dinner in the town surrounded by your girls and the city lights.

SANDRO ‘Nico Dress’

Sizes: 10

Rent now – $69

Sandro - Nico Dress - FrontSandro - Nico Dress - Front

This Sandro dress is so fun! No matter how your girls weekend is spent, this classic black & white mini dress will fit the trend & occasion.

ALICE AND OLIVIA ‘Judee Racer Back Jumpsuit’

Sizes: 14

Rent now – $99

Alice and Olivia - Judee Racer Back Jumpsuit - FrontAlice and Olivia - Judee Racer Back Jumpsuit - Front

This Alice and Olivia jumpsuit Looks instantly fab with a pair of heels, is perfect for those ‘dress or pants’ scenarios and should be packed in your girls weekend bag right now!

Girls Weekend in the Park

girls weekend style - festival dressing
Image Source: Nolita Hearts NYC

The idea of a girls weekend at a local vineyard is dreamy! What could better than strolling through the grapevines and sampling what the winery has to offer; aiming to get tipsy off the free samplers not before swishing it around the glass and holding your nose over the rim feigning a knowledge for wine and roundness and acidity. Then finishing the day off giggling with your girls over a large wood-fired pizza.

For outdoor getaways, let’s look to more festival-inspired outfits. Clothes which can take you stylishly from a wine tasting to an outdoor performance or simply a picnic in the park. Think Boho chic.

LANGHEM ‘Holly Lace Cocktail Dress’

Sizes: 10

Rent now – $49

Langhem - Holly Lace Cocktail Dress - FrontLanghem - Holly Lace Cocktail Dress - Front

White is always a refreshing daytime colour. This Langhem cocktail dress can be worn styled with a wide-brim floppy hat and tan satchel.

ZIMMERMANN ‘Mischief Bralette Dress’

Sizes: 8

Rent now – $139

Zimmermann - Mischief Bralette Dress - SideZimmermann - Mischief Bralette Dress - Side

The paisley print on this Zimmermann dress is très delish. Style with rented metallic accessories or borrow some from a girlfriend to add some gorgeous glamour to this outfit.

MINISTRY OF STYLE ‘Roamer Playsuit – Ivory’

Sizes: 10-12

Rent now – $69

Ministry of Style - Roamer Playsuit - Ivory - FrontMinistry of Style - Roamer Playsuit - Ivory - Front

There’s something so fun and economical about a playsuit. Be sure to pack one for your upcoming girls weekend because this gorgeous ivory Ministry of Style playsuit will have all bases covered.

For more girls weekend inspiration take a look at our Summer edit collection of dresses, available to hire for a fraction of the retail price.


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