When it comes to girl squad conversations, it’s those three little words that make us sit up and take notice. I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! As a chant of joyous squeals suddenly fill the room and an abundant flow of hugs are on display we can’t help but think of the endless supply of events that will now happily fill our social calendar.

Everything from the bridal shower (or perhaps more traditionally, ‘the kitchen tea’) to the hens party (‘girls’ night out’) and eventually the big day itself, the wedding! It goes without saying that finding the perfect outfit for each event is a must. Whether you’re the bride or a guest there is bound to be a fabulous frock to suit each occasion, but before all these occasions can take place the first item on the agenda and our main focus today is the engagement party event.

The engagement party is a precursor for what lies ahead. It’s a chance to share the big news (and love) with family and friends. A ‘pre-wed’ gathering if you like and the time for family members and friends to become better acquainted before the big day. This means you probably will be meeting a lot of people for the first time and as they say “first impressions really do count!”.

Nowadays engagement parties have a bit of a reputation for becoming so lavish that they can sometimes upstage the wedding! Others however opt for a less glamorous occasion with a relaxed backyard BBQ catch-up. The key to finding the right dress is understanding the type of event you will be attending. If you’re really close to the bride you can try and suss out elements which will be incorporated into the general wedding theme such as colour choices or style finishes and then incorporate that into your look.

Always select an outfit that is a true reflection of your own personal style yet still offers ease in wear because when you feel your best you’ll most certainly radiate confidence! Regardless of the theme, in the end the most important factor to always remember is that the sole purpose of the event is to celebrate the union of two families coming together. So, whether you’re the blushing bride-to-be or a party attendee let us take the stress out of your outfit prep with our top 3 style trends ready to try at your next engagement party event.

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Fabulous Florals

Rose Wrap Mini Dress by Nicholas The Label. Available to hire at Glamcorner

Although in the fashion world commonly referred to as a ‘trend’, florals have evolved over the years to rightfully secure a solid repertoire as a true style staple contender. It’s not hard to see why with an extensive range of floral prints to choose from whether it be boldly bright, subtlety monotoned, small or large florals you can’t go past making a glamorously chic statement with this superhot trend. Feel indulgently feminine at your upcoming engagement function in this alluring new romantic trend. This perfect arrangement of pretty pastel florals placed beautifully on a rich black base complemented ever so stylishly by delicate scalloped hem detailing is sure to have you feeling fresh and gorgeous in a matter of minutes. Get bloomfully mesmerized with this stunning asymmetric trend, great for an engagement party guest or perhaps even the blossoming bride herself. Although florals may seem a little predicable or overdone, don’t be afraid to unleash your girlish charm by adding a floral print. Florals will instantly add a touch of femininity to your engagement party look and are especially great for a garden-themed engagement soiree!

Let’s face it, nothing will make you feel more womanly than a romantic floral cold shoulder silhouette! Crazy in love for a feminine statement piece? Browse through our extensive range of floral trend dresses.

Ravishing Ruffles

Indulgent SS Dress by CMEO Collective and Meridian Ruffle Dress by Pasduchas. Available to hire at Glamcorner

What’s all this fuss over frills and ruffles about you ask? Well a little ruffle can go a long way! It seems that the ruffle trend has been in its full-fledged glory over the last couple of years. In the past ruffles have made vast appearances on the red carpet during award season and have become instafamous by fashionistas worldwide. We however, like to think this lavish trend has been making its mark as a true fashion favourite since the SATC days where we would swoon over Carrie Bradshaw as she rocked her layered tutu skirt. Since then, it has gone on to take a slightly more refined approach. In more recent times this trend has been spotted making a fashion frenzy with a range of flirty layered mini hemlines and oversized flutter sleeves. So what are you waiting for? Go on … look like a dream with a delicate flouncy mini dress at your upcoming engagement party. For that modern touch, try keeping it fresh with a black and white print.

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Create show-stopping style with a cascading tier of ruffles for that feminine, yet sophisticated look. Can’t get enough? Browse through our extensive range of ruffle trend dresses.

Lovely Lace

Roseate Mini Dress by Talulah. Available to hire at Glamcorner

Styling an elegant lace look has to be one of our favourite fashion trends of all time. Probably because it’s the kind of trend you can easily wear year-in, year-out due to its incredibly diverse and versatile appeal. Women from all around the world seem to have embraced this magically ethereal trend with arms wide open. This makes it the perfect style choice for anyone during any season! It’s true, anyone can wear lace. The key to success however, is taking care to keep your overall look balanced (i.e. the less is more approach) and choosing the right shade of colour to best suit you. Get Parisian chic vibes today with a stunning lace garment or perhaps a soft lacy overlay. For a fab Spring/Summertime look, try a sheer lace ensemble or for that perfect balance in depth and detailing opt for a textured lace overlay. Lace sleeves are a great option for the cooler months, alternatively you can create a dramatic evening look with a laced black maxi.

Make the ultimate statement at your upcoming engagement party event with a lovely lace number. For more browse through our extensive range of lace trend dresses. Need some event inspiration? Read our ‘Planning Your Engagement Party: Finding The Venue’ Blog post.





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The second your BFF shows you her glittering left hand, we all know the brain goes into over drive attempting to plan the perfect outfit for the endless list of events that will now appear on your social calendar. However, when the list of bridal showers, hen’s nights, and of course the engagement party extends longer than your arm, it can cause for some serious confusion and panic attacks over what to wear when.

Whether it is a two-piece outfit or a dress, engagement parties are the perfect place to road test some of the latest fashion trends. So, to ensure you put together the perfect engagement party outfit, from top to toe, and everyone’s stress levels are kept at bay, we’ve put together a little guide to help you along the way.

Decoding the Engagement Party Dress Code

Dress and Chanel bag in designer bathroom  

Source: Hatrik Vintage

Those two tiny words written ever so neatly on the invite, for some, can provide us with ease, whereas for others, whatever follows the dreaded ‘DRESS CODE’ can make them have a nervous break down; How casual is casual? Can I wear pants to a formal event? Is my dress long enough? Are these shoes too fancy? Will I ‘upstage’ the bride?

RELAX! Keep it simple. For smart-casual, go for something fun like this printed Zimmermann swing dress; if the invite says ‘Formal’ dress lengths should be a little longer, think something that falls to the knees; and finally, if it’s Black Tie, look to Elle Zeitoune for a simple yet dramatic gown.

Crash Course in Colour Coding

60s style dress for engagement party 

Source: Mestiza

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know the one rule of thumb when it comes to dressing for a wedding is NO WHITE. Engagement parties however, don’t follow this rule. While this doesn’t mean you can bust out your wedding dress inspired gown, it does mean you don’t have to shy away from that colour. Try something with a print like this dress from C/MEO Collective, for a fun take on the LWD.

If, however, you’re brave enough to go BOLD with a bit of colour, as autumn is well under way, pick a dress in some of the hottest hues of the season – think deep maroons and rich greens– like this one from Self Portrait.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

 Pretty nail designs

Source: Hatrik Vintage

An outfit is never complete once you’ve found your perfect dress, any fashionista knows that it’s the accessories that can make or break the perfect look. An engagement party probably isn’t the best place to break out your new diamond encrusted necklace/bracelet/earrings – you don’t want to take attention away from the bride’s shiny new ring – so keep jewellery simple and to a minimum.

Depending on the location, the type of shoes you wear is very important. Anything outside means stilettos are an automatic no-no! Finally, keeping your makeup light and your hair neat and easy – think loose waves and messy buns – will provide the perfect finishing touches.

Most importantly, of course, is to have fun with your dressing! Engagement parties are a time for celebration, so celebrate your inner fashionista and get creative with your outfit.

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