The countdown is on to Fashion Week, and boy are we excited! One of our favourite times of the year, (as we are sure it’s yours as well) there isn’t a second of the day that the team here at GlamCorner aren’t hunched over our phones, rapidly scrolling our way through Instagram and tumblr, attempting to create a folder of ‘inspiration outfits’.

While the previous years have seen Fashion Week dressing take a turn for the more casual, that doesn’t mean you can rock up in your jeans and converse and call it a day. Simply put, it means there’s more chance to stand out from the crowd in that designer gown and ‘it-bag’ than ever before – even if you have teamed them with your Adidas sneakers. (Comfort comes first after all!)

So here’s some of our hottest hints to get you from morning to night, day after day.

Welcome to the Pants Party

black dress with pants for fashion week

Source: Popsugar Fashion

Now it may seem like a strange idea, but hear us out! When the colder months start to roll in, but we aren’t quite ready to say ‘goodbye’ to our skirts and mini dresses, why not try layering them over a pair of pants! Not only keeping those legs of yours nice and warm, but your edgy, style factor high!

Keep the dress mid to short in length, and with a bit of flounce or movement to contrast with the tightness of the pants underneath. Something like this one from Ellery would team perfectly with some leather trousers. 

Statement Jacket

statement jacket during fashion week

Source: Va Va Vogue

 As untimely as it can be considering how Australian winters play out, there are some perks to having Fashion Week fall in the cooler months. Not only can you layer to your hearts content, but that vintage, bejewelled blazer you’ve had hiding in your closet can finally see the sunlight. Whether you’re keen on clashing colours with patterns, or simply want to add a little ‘pazzaz’ to your outfit, a statement jacket is the way to go.

However, if patterns, embellishments and fur aren’t your thing, stick to the classic shapes like this one from Balmain – provided you go bold with your dress of course!

Black is Back

Black on black fashion week street style

Source: Nolita Hearts

When the colours aren’t ‘clashing’, and there’s more clothing on the floor than in your wardrobe, take a leaf out of a ninja’s book and think black: black, black and more black. The trick to this trend, however, is to ensure that you are layering with lots of different materials and textures.

Start with something like this jumpsuit from Alice McCall, throw a thin black turtle neck underneath, and tie a vintage black, denim jacket around your waist and ‘voilà!’ Stylish Ninja dressing 101.

Rent, Don’t Buy for Fashion Week

Rack of colour coded clothing

Source: Sally Lyndley

No matter what your bank account says, no one can afford the 5 outfit changes needed daily to get you through the multiple shows on your calendar. So, scroll your way through the latest and greatest of GlamCorner’s 1,500+ dresses, and rent your way to the hottest street style blogs and best dressed lists around.

See you at Fashion Week!

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