As wonderful as attending any winter wedding can be, when the special day falls in the cooler months they can be a little tricky to dress for. Finding an outfit that’s dress-code appropriate AND going to keep you warm, can make even the sanest of guests pull their wardrobes to pieces.

My hot tip?! Try and stick to outfits made from heavier fabrics – think wool or crepe blends – or wear a dress or shirt that has long sleeves. However, if that lightweight, floaty, swing dress or playsuit is calling your name, then find yourself some tights and a coat because you’re going to want to hold that heat in!

From top to toe, here’s a few of my handy hints for putting together the perfect winter wedding outfit! *Drumroll please!*

The Coat is Key!

Winter wedding dress and coat
Source: Micah Gianneli

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve chosen a dress or a pant/top combination, a perfect coat is the key to pulling everything together and making sure your outfit stands out from the crowd.

If your outfit of desire falls into the ‘I haven’t quite accepted it’s winter yet’ category – think lightweight materials and autumn daytime dresses – pairing your dress with a thick woollen coat (and perhaps a pair of pantyhose) will mean your flouncy-floral number can go from daytime to nighttime without a single fear of freezing your behind off entering your mind!

For those guests who prefer to keep their summer dress for a summer wedding and their winter outfits for a winter one, a lightweight, structured trench coat will work wonderfully over thicker materials and long sleeved garments. Match the colour of the trench to the hues of your outfit (lighter coloured dresses means camel or tan coloured coats) so as to avoid drowning out any pretty pastel colours with a darker coloured overcoat.

It Takes two to Tango!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: everyone needs to join the pants party! I’m a big advocator for stepping outside your comfy little fashion-box.

Winter wedding black pant and white top
Source: Harper and Harley

If you really are having trouble finding that perfect dress you’ve been dreaming about, then why not have a go at playing with your separates, and putting together a two piece winter wedding outfit that’ll blow everyone away! The trick to finding the perfect pair is to try and work with opposite styles and shapes on the top and bottom.

If you go for a cigarette pant, or something a bit more fitted, balance it out with a bit of volume and flare up above. Think tops with bell sleeves and ruffles, or team your pants with an A-line cropped top that falls just below the waist band of the pants.

Winter wedding a-line skirt
Source: Blogspot

If skirts are more down your alley, then have a go at this: Mid-calf skirts may sound like something your grandmother would wear, however when styled to perfection, you’ll realise their potential and they’ll become your wardrobe’s new MVP!

If you opt for a patterned skirt, pull on a shirt that complements one of the colours in the print. If it’s a plain black or white skirt you’ve chosen, then match it with a patterned silk or silk-georgette shirt, adding that little extra bit of “fancy” to the outfit.

Added Extras for a Winter Wedding

Image Source: Style Medly
Image Source: Style Medley

No outfit is ever complete until all the finishing touches are chosen and you’re styled from head to toe, ready to go!  Just like a Little Black Dress, a Little Black Bag works with every outfit, no matter the colour or style. Chose one that’s big enough to keep your phone and a few bits of makeup safe – just incase you, or someone else, is in need of an emergency ‘touch-up’ session!

To ensure you actually enjoy the night, and boogie on down with all the other guests, pick a shoe that’s going to stay on your feet until home time. While a classic stiletto always looks great, try for a wedge or thicker heel, especially if the wedding is outdoors!

As weird as it sounds, strappy, sandal-like heels are in this winter, so wrap a pair of gladiator block heels around your perfectly manicured toes and you’ll be out-dancing even the bravest of the barefoot boogiers at the winter wedding!

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