If you’re planning to turn heads at any of the Spring Racing Carnival events this year, you’re probably already dreaming about your ideal race day outfit. With so many amazing styles and trends to choose from, how do you choose what to wear to the races in 2019? Let GlamCorner help make choosing your spring racing dresses so much easier!
Models (left to right) wearing Thurley – Pageant Mini Dress & Thurley – March Dress

Different Types of Race Day Events

First, the race you’re planning to attend will dictate your race day outfit – each has its own distinct fashion vibe. Keep reading for more tips on what to wear to the races.

The Melbourne Cup is all about dazzle, colour, glamour and statement pieces.

Derby Day requires you to dress in sophisticated monochrome – black and white only.

Oaks Day celebrates the feminine with a trend towards florals and springtime looks.

The Caulfield Cup is the event for classic style and bold colours.

Stakes Day brings a more relaxed atmosphere and sense of fun.

Whichever race you’re attending, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the dress code that applies to most Australian racecourses.


  • Wear anything casual like denim, sportswear, untailored pants and jackets, leggings, sneakers or thongs (shoes that go between the first two toes).
  • Show too much skin – bare midriffs (including cut-outs) are a no-no, as are strapless dresses or spaghetti straps in members’ areas. Avoid shorts and short playsuits.
  • Choose an outfit with rips or tears, even if they are designer.
  • Pick a shoe that will sink into the dirt or give you blisters – you’ll be on your feet a lot, and you don’t want to end up barefoot.
  • Overdo your makeup.


  • Choose a tasteful, classy outfit – a high standard of dress is always required.
  • Accessorise with headwear, a clutch and jewellery to complete your look.
  • Wear sunscreen – you will burn even on a cloudy day.
  • Have a back-up outfit ready in case of race day prep disasters or unseasonal weather.
  • Have fun and experiment with your race day fashion!

Choosing the perfect dress for the races

Now that you know what’s expected on the day, it’s time to start choosing what to wear to the races. At GlamCorner, we’ve partnered with some outstanding Australian designers to bring you key spring racing fashion pieces that you’ll love to be seen in, with ranges to suit every demographic.

La Maison Talulah

Talulah’s pieces embrace romance and feminity through the use of colour, florals, exclusive prints and unique textiles. Their timeless look is stylish but playful, combining flattering silhouettes with an eccentric flair. If you want to feel creative, bold and sexy, a Talulah outfit is the perfect choice for your Spring Carnival look.

Click here for more Talulah styles.

Rebecca Vallance

If you’re looking for crisp, tailored pieces in luxurious fabrics, and strong, elegant lines, then Rebecca Vallance could be the designer for you. Her range, which she describes as “classic with a twist” suits women who want to project a powerful, confident look. A re-interpretation of the traditional silhouette, her clothes are designed to flatter your figure and make heads turn.

Click here for more Rebecca Vallance styles.


Inspired by the modern simplicity of the French, but transformed with an Australian flair, Pasduchas is all about edgy femininity. With a combination of tight-fitting sexy pieces, feminine sundresses and striking power suits, there is something for everyone in the Pasduchas range.

Click here for more Pasduchas styles.


When you wear Thurley, you always make a statement. Designed for women who want something a little different, Thurley is a timeless blend of modern and classic. Strong tailoring is offset by fluid drapery, while luxury materials, embellishments and ornate embroidery all combine to create stand-out pieces with the iconic Thurley look.

Click here for more Thurley styles.

Fabulous fascinators

Of course, the dress is only one part of your perfect race day look. Choosing a headpiece that works beautifully with your outfit is equally as important. These millinery designers offer something to complement every spring racing outfit.

Heather McDowall

Heather’s love of texture and shape has inspired her to create a chic range of fascinators, crowns, hats and clips that are ideal for a day at the races. She combines drama and timeless elegance, bringing contemporary cool with elements like lace, leather and metal.

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Click here for more Heather McDowall headwear.

Morgan and Taylor

Regardless of what you’re planning for your race day outfit, Morgan & Taylor have something to suit in their extensive range of fascinators, hats, headpieces, crowns, bows, clips and turbans. Their designs are easy to wear, practical yet cool, and effortlessly elegant.

Click here for more Morgan and Taylor headwear.

Eve Til Dawn

If you’re looking for something feminine, floral, or boho-chic, this headwear range is perfect for you. Eve Til Dawn specialises in floral crowns and exclusive pieces which are intricate, delicate, and a beautiful way to complement your race day outfit.

Click here for more Eve Til Dawn headwear.

Amazing accessories

You’re not finished yet! The difference between a good outfit and a great one is in the secret little details that help you look race-day-perfect all day long.

Stiletto stoppers: If you just can’t get by without your stilettos, then these little heel protectors are a racecourse must-have, stopping your heels from sinking into the grass.

Gel cushions: Stay comfy all day by putting these clear silicone cushions in your shoes. Your feet will love you for it.

Spanx: Feel comfortable and confident in that slinky dress by slipping into some breathable, smoothing shapewear.

Bra accessories: There’s a wide range of items you can use to make sure you’re strap-free and fitting your race day dress perfectly, such as bra converters, stick-on cups, cleavage enhancers and much more!

Fold-up flats: Pop these little ballet flats into your clutch so, after a long day on your feet, you can relax on the ride home.

Introducing our range of Billini Shoes

GlamCorner is proud to be partnered with Billini Shoes, an elegant range of affordable footwear especially selected to work with your race day outfit.

Head on over to our fashion solutions section here.

Still trying to decide what to wear to the races?

Check out our full range of spring racing dresses, headpieces and accessories, for more inspiration.

Visit our spring racing edit page.

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